The LIGC course has been created by alumni (ex-students) of the MSc at Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute (or Unit as it was in our day!). Our aim is to bring our knowledge and experience of sustainability issues, as encountered in our many and varied careers, to the next generation. We are aiming to attract teenagers from all over the world, and all kinds of backgrounds, to learn with us, and speak directly with some of the current academics and experts at the ECI. Our hope is to share our passion and hope for the future, and pass on the baton for some of the hard work! We also want to share our lovely city of Oxford - and show you some bits that the tourists don't usually get round to seeing.

(Note the all male pic above - that was taken at the end of a course at the wonderful G&D's Ice Cream parlour near the ECI. The boys had already finished their celebration ice creams, and were ready for a pic, while the girls were still savouring theirs!)

This course isn't all about facts and figures - that's what school, and the internet, is for. It is about thinking - carefully and clearly - to come to a personal appreciation of how to navigate all the information that we are faced with about our futures, and how to use that information in our own decision making, and to influence others.

And it isn't all about doom and gloom. It is about saying - ok, so humankind has a few problems. But we are perfectly capable of doing something about it, and if we think clearly, and communicate effectively, and work together we can tackle this.


LIGC Ltd is a non profit. We want to make the course as widely available as possible and so will offer as many scholarship places as possible each year.