Created by sustainability, business, and education experts with the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), of the University of Oxford

Global issues are making the future for young people uncertain. But armed with the right knowledge and skills, there are exciting new challenges and opportunities emerging. Have you heard about the people building new businesses around new energy sources? Or making use of free waste materials to make new marketable products? Making leather from pineapple leaves? Making trainers from sea plastic? Building houses from milk boxes? Using flowers to control agricultural pests? Making edible plates? The opportunities and ideas are endless.

We think that you can solve the problems that previous generations have left for you. This course aims to give you some of the knowledge, skills and power that you will need! Whether you are a future scientist, a budding entrepreneur, a politician, or an educators, this course will give you a boost in your ideas and your career. Don't miss out...



Dr Pete Walton

Knowledge Exchange Expert at the ECI

This is Dr Pete Walton who is leading this course. Once upon a time he was a teacher and now he is an research fellow at the ECI, helping the other scientists communicate their knowledge to policy makers - who often have worse concentration and less background understanding than his current students!

Pete loves teaching the LIGC students - they bring a fresh perspective to his work, with new questions and ideas. He brings in his colleagues from the ECI and other departments to work with the students: their workshops and debates are loud and passionate, and often lead to new perspectives - scientists and students both leave having learned something!


  • Learning about and discussing key global issues such as climate change and plastics pollution with experts in the field
  • Looking at solutions that socially minded entrepreneurs are finding, and working with them to develop your own ideas
  • Improving your key leadership skills: listening and understanding; critical thinking and analysis of information; communication through speech, writing and the arts. 


Looking for clever ideas to kick start your business ideas? Possibly.

Looking to show off your drive and passion to prospective universities or employers? You should be!

Are you going to make a difference in the world? Of course you are! You already are. 

Are you a problem solver? A big dreamer? An experimenter? Can you do something your friends can't do? What are your ideas for your future? Your ambitions? Your dreams?

Do you know what you want, and how to get it? Will you always want the same things?

Do you want to be able to hold your own in a debate? Make good judgements? Find the right solutions?

YES?? Join us for a wonderful week of exploration in Oxford. Or combine with the communication module.


1-week: Sunday 24th June 5pm - Friday 29th June

1-week: Sunday 15th July 5pm - Friday 20th July

1-week: Sunday 22nd July 5pm - Friday 27th July 2018


2-weeks: Sunday 15th July 5pm - Friday 27th July 2018

Final Friday night accommodation included if needed