Develop vital new skills that will make you an effective future leader

Created by independent sustainability and education experts in collaboration with the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), of the University of Oxford

Workshops on the sustainability issues researched at the ECI which include climate change, food and water security, global transport and the implications for politics and business.

Leadership skills classes covering the characteristics of leadership, shortcuts to understanding complex data and information, and effective communication in word and in writing.


Sunday 24th June 5pm - Friday 29th June

Sunday 15th July 5pm - Friday 20th July

Sunday 22nd July 5pm - Friday 27th July 2018

Friday night accommodation included if needed


via our STUDENT MANAGEMENT PROVIDERS (Oxford Study Courses)

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Kim has a BSc in Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Keele, and a DPhil in Biochemistry and an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford. Kim started working on environmental issues within business in 1994 during a time when new environmental regulations, and new approaches to environmental management, were being implemented across the business sector, and has worked on issues such as supply chain management, transaction risks, legal compliance, reputational risk, and environmental risk minimisation, to businesses in the automotive, rail, retail, energy, infrastructure, food, paper, and government sectors. Kim has also been working in the education sector, running a small social enterprise which supports high schools students with their studies. 

Dr Kim Polgreen, Environmental Specialist, Director of Oxford Study Courses, Senior Advisor for Leadership in Global Change summer school


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  • Engage with Oxford University’s world class academics on global issues such as climate change, human migration and food scarcity
  • Develop 21st century skills in critiquing, debating, and compromising to find solutions
  • Tackle uncertainty, risk and conflicting views
  • Explore the intersection of science with business and politics
  • Develop and defend your own position on key global issues
  • Create your own network of future global leaders
  • Live and breathe Oxford student life
  • Feel safe with full time care from our professional pastoral team


Aims and outcomes

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The aim of this initiative is to enable students who will eventually have influential positions in business or the public sector to be confident and articulate about globally important issues. It will teach them how to engage effectively with the world’s experts to develop solutions.

This experience will support university applications for a huge range of subjects from business and politics to science and engineering.

Students will spend their days engaged in researching and debating, and their evenings being Oxford students. We hope to inspire them to aim high in their academic and professional careers.


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This is a unique opportunity. In an increasingly competitive and global environment it is essential for ambitious students to take advantage of every opportunity they can for personal development and personal resume building. Students will develop transferable skills and knowledge which not only sounds great on paper but is a real experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.