Created by sustainability and communication experts with the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), University of Oxford

This is a fabulous new course created by professional communicators at the University of Oxford, to help 16-18 year olds develop their communication skills. It will be an invaluable experience to support your final studies at schools, your university applications, and your university studies.

The big global issues of our time such as climate change, or antibiotic resistance present fantastic case studies for how good communication is critical. Information has to get from scientists to policy makers and business leaders at all levels, via a myriad of communicators. How does this happen, what skills does everyone need to communicate clearly and listen carefully? 

Your teachers have been teaching you to communicate effectively since you started school - you have learned to speak, write, discuss, debate; and hopefully how to draw, act, and play music. But how are you going to polish those skills to communicate when you use them in the real world? This course will take you on a journey with some key pieces of scientific information, and you will be part of the journey is helping it get to where it is needed. Along the way you will improve your writing and presenting skills, and explore how your other talents can also help you get your message across.

We are working with professional journalist, expert on climate change reporting in the media, Dr James Painter, to help us be brilliant communicators. 

Whether or not you are interested in journalism as a subject or even as a career, this is a fantastic course for any aspiring communicator. You are probably fairly brilliant already - on Instagram, with your friends, possibly even in essays. But there are tricks and tips you can learn to take your communication to a whole new level. If you want to make your voice heard on any subject, you need to learn how to understand what others are hearing, craft your input to any discussion using words, images, sounds, and learn how to make your impact.

The global challenges you are inheriting present you with challenges, but also with exciting new opportunities. We are using climate change and linked global issues as a test case for learning how to communicate effectively on complex issues. To work effectively with others, to bring people along with you, to make a difference, you need to be a masterful communicator. So join us....


"It's vital that news highlights solutions not just problems. By finding out what's going right in the world we can start to fix what's going wrong". Giselle Green, Editor of Constructive Voices, and LIGC supporter. 

This is Dr James Painter. He is a journalist, academic and consultant, specialising in the study of climate change in the international media. He advises key organisations such as Oxfam, UNDP and Conservation International. In his role as policy advisor, he has given evidence to two recent select committees of the UK Houses of Parliament.

That is all very serious of course, but he is also great fun, and loves teaching. James teaches graduate students on the MSc module on the “Media and the Environment” at the School of Geography, Oxford University, and is excited to take his teaching to a younger audience of enthusiastic students.

— Dr James Painter, Research Fellow Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford


  • Learning about and discussing key global issues such as climate change and plastics pollution with experts in the field
  • Working with communication experts to understand how scientific information gets to policy makers and business users and how to make the best impact
  • Improving your key skills: listening and interviewing; critical thinking and analysis of information; communication through speech, writing and graphic arts. 


Do you enjoy writing about things you care about? Do you like posting videos you've made? Does music speak to you? Can you see yourself using those skills in your future career?

Are you hoping to follow a career path that you enjoy? Working with people you like? Working towards things that mean something to you?

Did you know that while there is some terrible journalism out there, good journalists have enviable skills in communication? They can teach you a thing or two. 

Can you imagine how issues such as climate change will affect every single type of life and career in the world? Can you imagine having to teach others how to win in a changing world?

Would you like to learn how to translate some of the most complex issues in the world into language your five year old sister can understand?

Then join us! You're in.

2018 DateS

One week (6 nights)

Arrive Sunday 15th July by 5pm

Depart Friday evening after 5pm / Saturday morning