The initial task

The students who are coming on LIGC have the following questions to consider before they come. We will be discussing their thoughts arising from these questions on day one of this course.


1. What do you like about the country you live in?

2. What would you like to stay the same?

3. What would you like to see change?

4. What would your perfect country be like?

5. Think of an example of leaders in your life that you know personally, formal or informal - a parent, friend, teacher, religious leader?

6. What do you admire or not admire about that person as a leader?

7. Try and really put yourself in their place. What do you think their goals are in for the area of life where they are leading?

8. Do you think they are achieving their goals?


The first set of questions is picking up on an idea from the BBC world service: “My Perfect Country tracks down ideas which have helped solve common problems in countries around the world and looks at whether they can be adopted elsewhere.” It is setting the scene for our discussions of the challenges that our future leaders will face.

The second set of questions is leading us to explore leadership styles and whether they work. Our future leaders are going to delve into listening and communication skills as particularly vital skills for tomorrow’s leaders.