From one of our students

Although I am unsure yet of what I would like my future to look like, I am very interested in pursuing medicine as I love helping the people around me. Having spent a week in South Africa volunteering and a week of work experience in a hospital near us, I have learnt a lot about the small things you can do to improve a persons life.

I am hoping that by discussing international matters and leadership skills in the Oxford course next week, I can further expand my knowledge on these topics and bring this to other projects I am involved in. Coming from an international school, it is always interesting gaining a new perspective, so I look forward to meeting everyone next week and learning about all of the different viewpoints.

Currently living in Switzerland, I am fortunate in that there is a very low crime rate, so I often forget what dangers other people face in the world. I like the fact that Switzerland cares about its environment, there being high consequences for littering and for harming animals or even leaving them on their own. A democratic government means that the people have a direct say in matters affecting them and the rest of the country, resulting in little conflict as everyone feels listened to; these are all things I would like to remain the same. Perhaps something I would like to change, having travelled around a lot, is the rich and poor gap. In the community I live in, there is very much a bubble around us, meaning that some people aren't aware of the issues in the world and the things they can do to help, however small.

Leaders are not always the people who are noticed or recognised for huge projects they have undertaken; in fact, I find sometimes the best leaders are those who give credit to everyone helping them reach their success. One of the biggest role models I look up to was a teacher I had a couple of years ago, who, despite the age difference, empathised with the problems students were facing no matter how trivial, and instead of just coming up with a solution, worked it through with them until the end. Such leaders could have a huge impact on the world and on the problems our generation is facing; if solutions are followed through to whatever outcome.