What makes a good leader?

For those students who are signed up to this course, I am asking them to think about someone in their life whom they think is a good leader, and consider what are the characteristics that they admire in that person.

The person you think of might be a parent, or carer, or a teacher, an activity leader, or a politician or business leader. Try to choose someone whose decisions and approaches to leadership have a direct impact on you so that you can consider your own feelings and how you respond to them as a leader. Do you admire them? Or are you a reluctant or enthusiastic follower? Do you trust them? What do they do, or say, or how do they act that makes you feel this way?

One of the leadership characteristics that we are going to look at on the course is trust. People need to trust their leaders, and leaders need to be able to trust their advisors. If you are a follower, how do you know if you are being told the whole truth? If you are a leader, how do you convince others that they can trust you; and as no-one can be an expert in everything how do you know which advisors to believe?

We are going to look at shortcuts to deciding whether you can trust someone by looking at their motivations, and their biases.