Food expert from IFSTAL to talk to LIGC students

We are really lucky that Sahar Hasnain has eagerly agreed to talk to our LIGC students this year. Sahar has taken over at IFSTAL covering for Dr Bex White who talked to our students last year and is currently on maternity leave.

IFSTAL is all about teaching people about where our food comes from and how it gets to us - and what we need to do to make sure our food keeps on coming. Take a look!

This is Sahar's biog. We are really looking forward to talking to her.

Dr Saher Hasnain (Education Coordinator)

Saher is an environmental geographer with interests in food systems, food environments, and urban health issues. Her doctoral thesis focused on the influence of factors like fuel scarcities and terrorism on food systems transformations, food consumption, and spatial mobility in urban Pakistan. She has previously worked on interdisciplinary approaches to studying environmental health issues in urban areas at the University of Pennsylvania, and policy proposals for the development of national level energy management cultures at Bahria University, with The National Energy Conservation Centre, Government of Pakistan.