Water researcher

We are really grateful to Emily Barbour who has willingly agreed to come along and talk to our LIGC students about water issues. This is what is says about Emily on the Oxford University School of Geography website. We are really looking forward to talking to her.

"Emily Barbour is a research fellow in hydrology at the School of Geography and the Environment. Emily's research focuses on river system management and assessing trade-offs between multiple water user objectives. This involves integration of hydrology, ecology, water management policy and operations, stakeholder and expert engagement, and optimisation. Prior to joining the School of Geography and the Environment, Emily was a PhD candidate at the Australian National University and National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (Australia), and a river system modeller at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO, Australia). Emily also has experience working as a consultant in flood modelling on projects for local and state government, and for private industry.

Emily's research interests include examining different allocation systems and reservoir operations for managing water scarcity; transboundary water management; understanding flow-ecology relationships and modelling ecological response to different flow regimes; exploring uncertainty in modelling eco-hydrological systems; and using optimisation as a tool to assist in river system management and to examine trade-offs."