News from the 2016 students

A few days ago we asked last year's students to reflect on their experience and how it has affected them over the past year. This is what they've said so far. We'll add more as we get them.

"The LIGC course made me think about life after high school. It opened my eyes to the chain of events that can happen as a result of climate change and that diseases or conditions aren’t always as simple as “issue-cause-solution”. The presentation skills session we had with Jenni were particularly useful for MUN.
What I loved most about the experience is how people with such varied backgrounds and contrasting views on things can connect, debate and stay in contact after a whole year, with equal enthusiasm as they had at the beginning. I wish we could do the whole week again this year!"

"I just wanted to say that I loved LIGC and it was an amazing experience, both from an educational and social aspect. Our group from last year has a group chat and we are still in touch. In terms of what I learned, we explored various different topics from pollution to world hunger and how they affect us both today and tomorrow. Whenever meeting climate change deniers (yes, they still exist), I remember my time at the course and how lucky I was to have learned so much in such an important field, that, honestly, I didn't think I would ever become interested in before participating in the program."

"Since the LIGC course, I have taken a greater interest in the environment, and in news and current events on climate change. I am also excited to to study a course related to the environment/ climate change at university, and the LIGC course helped me to decide on an environmental career in the future. Thank you for the opportunity! I had a great time in Oxford and met some great people."

"The LIGC programme has inspired a permanent transformation in all of us, by encouraging us to effect change in daily life and in the wider world. Not only has LIGC educated us about urgent global issues, but also given us the means to be confident leaders and humanitarians, working towards eradicating disparities and rebuilding societies sustainably. Once you are part of LIGC, solutions to global issues appear to be entirely possible with the support of the professors, and the support from each other. LIGC breeds compassionate, determined and confident leaders ready to change the world."