Food tweets

Following our session on Food Security, our first 2017 group wrote their own tweets. The aim was to try and convey a message in less that 150 characters. Did we succeed?

“We need to be more aware of what we eat – only then can we change our habits and our world!”

“We must work as one to mutually support each other; our future and food security is in our hands.”

“Food insecurity is one of the primary issues which can be avoided by using culture.”

“We should be aware of this major issue and be open minded towards changing this continuous pattern.”

“Necessity is the mother of invention. People will do what is necessary to wade through issues.”

“Food insecurity is a major issue that needs to be fixed.”

“Let’s sacrifice sacrificing animals.”

“Food insecurity is closer to home than I thought.”

“We should be aware of food security, as it’s an issue that affects all countries around the world.”

“Be open to changing your food habits – eat local & less meat.”

“Food insecurity ever increasingly global. Think local yet act global. Try to adapt as you live.”

“Food insecurity is a major issue of the 21st century. Hence it is a government’s responsibility to respond to socio-economic & political issues to protect this HR.”

“As our generation faces more and more global issues, humans are resilient and will solve these problems by working together.”