From Samantha Seikaly, LIGC student 2016

Samantha is now studying journalism and has very generously written a piece for the LIGC website.


"Despite the state of urgency spread among the media concerning climate change, little action has been taken to fight the impending and inevitable consequences of humanity’s ignorance. As sea levels rise and species continue their journey to extinction, the battle is left to the younger generation to save the planet, or at least prolong its demise. Expert environmentalists, working with the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University, have taken the task upon themselves to educate a new batch of school students every year on the ever-growing list of issues that threaten the survival of nature and all mankind.


The Leadership in Global Change (LIGC) Summer School encourages youth to affect change by examining industries that have had detrimental effects on the environment throughout history. Construction, transportation and the agricultural industry have posed serious threats to the wellbeing of the planet by disrupting food production, contaminating water supplies, increasing the number of natural disasters, and polluting the seas. Students probe into the outcomes of civil societies, globalization and the homogenization of landscapes to understand the impact of time/space convergence and polluting industries on the state of a once vegetation-luxurious planet.


Inspired by experts in their fields, such as David Attenborough, Dan Barber, Michael Pollan, Jim Hall, and even United Nations committees, such as the World Economic Forum, LIGC leaders advocate resolutions to such problems, while also promoting confidence in management skills. Beyond the textbook education, students are given life experience in authoritative expertise, conditioning them to become the face of a sustainable future by empowering them to become strong, wilful leaders. Through partnership, students are urged to work symbiotically and assertively to deliver solutions and build a new high ground for what lies ahead.


While the content, facilities and opportunities of this course are beyond compare, it’s the leaders’ sympathy for others and the respect for the planet that heartens the students to take responsibility for their surroundings. Through teamwork and determination, LIGC makes unimaginable solutions appear to be within the realm of possibility."