Ellen MacArthur Foundation - a new Summer School opportunity

We have been hard at work here in LIGC. We are so inspired by what people are doing in the world of global change and sustainability and we have been talking to some of those organisations who normally focus their education on adults, to see if they would like to share their work with young people, through LIGC.

We are totally delighted that the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is one of the most incredible power houses of communication on global issues, is going to take the plunge and offer a learning opportunity for 15-18s with us in Oxford in 2019. EMF are driving the ideas of the Circular Economy into the business community, and supporting many new innovative businesses who are embracing these ideas.

What is the Circular Economy? When you create a new product, can you use a by-product, or waste product of another industrial process as your raw materials? Can you do this in a way that reduces waste elsewhere - and cuts your costs? Can you design your products to last, to be easily refurbished when necessary, and when they reaches the end of their useful life, to be easily broken down into component parts and materials that can then be used in another process or product? And can you do this while convincing the customer of the value of your work? And can we design an economy that rewards those that design and create products in a way that reduces their negative impact on the rest of us? If everyone could do this - we would have a Circular Economy.

Why is this important? Basically because we are running out of space to put our rubbish, and we are using our remaining resources much faster than they are being replenished by the planet - the oceans are full of rubbish, we have plastic particles in our drinking water, and species are dying out at an unprecedented rate, threatening our very futures. Yeah - and it’s really much cleverer and more sophisticated to be circular!