LIGC Teachers

We have assembled an amazing group of teachers covering the different aspects of this course. Course Leaders Kim Polgreen and Debbe Reilly will lead the students through the entire course, bringing in expertise from the rest of the team at the right moments. Our ECI experts will join us for the key parts of the discussion. If you would like to read more about them see below.

From one of our students

Although I am unsure yet of what I would like my future to look like, I am very interested in pursuing medicine as I love helping the people around me. Having spent a week in South Africa volunteering and a week of work experience in a hospital near us, I have learnt a lot about the small things you can do to improve a persons life.

The ECI experts

We are very excited that we have all our ECI experts lined up. We are dipping into three key areas of the work done at the ECI: Climate, food and water. You can read more about our experts below. Our students will be learning about the work done at the ECI, delving into the issues, preparing interview questions for our experts, and then summarising what they have learned in their own communication project. Still a couple of places remaining for any latecomers.