with the Centre for Alternative Technology

CAT is one of the pioneers of the type of technology that we are increasingly take for granted today: solar, wind, hydro, and low energy building techniques. You can hear about their story.

The Centre remains a truly inspiring place for those who want to become experts in those areas. CAT runs courses for graduate students, and those seeking professional development for their work. They also welcome school groups to live and learn at the site. This is the first time they are running their own course for school age students, so the LIGC education team have worked with them to ensure all goes well! The course will be led by the amazing CAT education team, alongside the LIGC student care team.

The plans for our week include looking at the water power systems, including a visit to one of the biggest hydro systems in Wales; exploring land use for food and leisure; and trying our hands at some real world low energy building techniques. Our social activities will include the beach, walks in the hills, movies in the on site theatre, and games evenings.

You can hear about the experience of the MSc students at CAT here. The LIGC students are younger so we won’t be going down the pub, but otherwise we will be having some of the same experiences, and working with the same inspiring teachers.

CAT has done an amazing piece of research called Zero Carbon Britain which shows that the UK could easily meet its energy needs with renewable energy. You can see the video of the 2014 report. The 2018 report has just been produced and includes examples from all around the world of great example of reducing carbon emissions. This report will be the basis of a discussion on our CAT week.

We are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity. Come and be a CAT pioneer!


The plan is for students to meet in Oxford on Saturday 20th July, and an evening exploring Oxford, and then we will all travel together by coach to CAT on Sunday 21st. If you are adventurous you can make your own way there and meet us there on Sunday evening.

While at CAT we will live together in one of the pioneering buildings designed by the famous architect Walter Segal. We will have our meals in the fabulous WISE building (the yellow one in the picture above. The site is lovely and there will be other young people living and studying on site at the same time, so it will be lovely and social as well as peaceful.


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