with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

We have borrowed from the amazing Wikipedia to explain EMF -

“The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a charity registered in the UK registered charity[1] which aims to inspire a generation to re-think, re-design & build a positive future through the framework of a circular economy.

Founded on 23 June 2009, the Foundation was publicly launched on 2 September 2010 by Dame Ellen MacArthur at the National Science Museum, with the support of a group of 'Founding Partners', B&QBTCiscoNational Grid and Renault[2] The charity was inspired by MacArthur's sailing experiences[2][3] and she put GBP 500,000 of her own money into the project. Another GBP 6 mil was raised by the five founding partners.

On 17 May 2017, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in conjunction with the Prince of Wales' International Sustainability Unit, launched a USD 2 million prize fund for innovations which work towards the management of waste plastics.[4][5]

How cool is that?? The EMF team are based in the Isle of Wight off the English coast, but for the convenience of students, this LIGC week will take place in Oxford. We are going to focus on exploring the potential for business innovation to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges: the overuse of our finite planetary resources, and our vast production of waste that is affecting the health and potential of everyone on the planet. We will be in the ECI, and draw upon their expertise for elements of this course.


  • Working with experts from Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Environmental Change Institute from the University of Oxford

  • Guided visit to look at sustainability projects in London

  • Working on your own sustainability project


This is the exciting timetable we currently have planned (subject to some changes as plans evolve).


Choose one or more weeks starting

  • Sunday 7th July 2019 (with the ECI in Oxford)

  • Sunday 14th July 2019 (with ECI in Oxford, or choose OSC Discovery Week)

  • Saturday 20th July 2019 (with CAT in Wales - Saturday night in Oxford, transport from Oxford to Wales on Sunday, returning Saturday morning to Oxford)

  • Sunday 21st July 2019 (with ECI in Oxford) FULL

  • Sunday 28th July 2019 (with EMF in Oxford)

Sunday to Saturday nights each week, and including Saturday nights for multiple weeks.

 Arrive by 5pm on arrival day in Oxford for registration, welcome dinner and activities.

We finish Oxford weeks by 6pm on Fridays if you need to leave then, but Friday night and a farewell dinner is included in your fee so you are encouraged to stay until Saturday morning. For the CAT week, we will be back in Oxford by lunchtime.

A Heathrow Meet and Greet service is available.


Residential per week: £1,500

  • All classes, workshops and activities

  • Accommodation in a single study bedroom in Oxford, shared accommodation in Wales, and 24hr high quality “parenting” care

  • Two or more organised evening activities per week (e.g. punting, and an outdoor Shakespeare play in Oxford) plus informal group activities every day

  • Full cooked breakfast daily and 7 other main meals each week (lunch or dinner depending on the schedule) in Oxford. All meals in Wales.

Non-residential per week: £900 (Oxford only)

As above, without accommodation.

Hardship Fund

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have a few partial hardship bursaries available. Please email for details.


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